East Cell Block, Tier 4 North, Cell #5
Ohio State Reformatory
(Filming Site for "Shawshank Redemption" and "Air Force One")


By Norm Narvaja News Journal
Sept. 16th, 2005 MANSFIELD -- Cynthia "Cindini" Morrison made a 6-by 9-foot prison cell her new home Thursday afternoon -- but not for long... A dozen visitors watched as Morrison was shackled and locked in the cell, courtesy of Mansfield police Sgt. Shari Robertson and Mayor Lydia Reid. Robertson sequentially secured handcuffs on Morrison's wrists, waist and ankles. Reid then secured the door... Among those on the tour were Jan de Jongh and his wife, Annemiek, of The Netherlands. "I hope she makes it out," Jan de Jongh said... After Morrison was shackled, the tour group moved on, leaving Robertson to guard the cell door while "Cindini" began her escape attempt... Eighteen minutes after the cell door clanged shut, Morrison walked into the reformatory's front lobby, accompanied by Robertson. She held the chain, lock, hand and ankle cuffs in her hand as if they were trophies..."The toughest part was getting Officer Robertson's handcuffs off, since I was not familiar with them."

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