During my 2006 Jailhouse Rock Tour I was granted a private tour of Florida's most notorious Insane Asylum, Chattahoochee.

Located in the northwestern region of Florida.  This facility presently operates as Florida State Hospital. After seeing the Film titled “Chattahoochee” featuring Dennis Hopper and the atrocities therein of treatment to the patients/inmates I was drawn to view the infamous facility. In fact the story presents the incidents of a landmark case that would change regulation with regard to forcing medications on patients to keep them subdued. Not much of Chattahoochee’s past was present during my visit but I did get the special tour of the storage closet where relics await proper display. There, I was granted permission to try on a straitjacket type restraint made by a company named “Techni-Flair”  The facility had a couple of these. The ends of the sleeves were fashioned in “Mitts” that tied together. The back included 3 closures held by Velcro. This restraint was obviously intended for patients lying down. The hospital workers told that they do not use such devices anymore and did not know exactly how these would be applied. By the way, these also sported tartan pattern lightweight canvas material.

Unfortunately I was denied permission for photos inside the facility so I can only describe these restraints.

The tour was rather brief and mostly included administrative offices and recreation facilities for the patients. A tour of the grounds took me near the high security buildings where the criminally insane await psychological evaluation / treatment. 

Another part of the grounds showed the ongoing project to refurbish an old Arsenal intended to be a Museum to display relics from the institution. One of these relics being the restraint I had tried on.  

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