'Great Cindini' sets new shackles record

Paulette Perhach
st. augustine record NEWS
Published Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anywhere else, people might have called the police.

But outside the Old Jail, onlookers simply looked and wondered at the sight of Cynthia Morrison, 47, shuffling along in a black shirt and striped jail pants, her legs shackled together to limit her stride to 16 inches.

"If I did this out on the beach, I knew there would probably be calls to the authorities," said Morrison, also known as the Great Cindini, an escapist.

That's why she came from her home in West Palm Beach to perform the feat in St. Augustine. Cindini made her Old Jail debut in March 2005 when she escaped from a straitjacket, chains and Victorian bird cage holding cell.

Wearing her old race car shoes (yes, she's been an autocross driver, and an alligator handler, and a jousting champion), she lapped the Old Jail 17 times Wednesday for a total of five miles in chains, a new world record according to the Record Holders Republic.

This totals 13 records for her with the UK-based organization, which rivals the Guinness Book of World Records. As far as Morrison is concerned, no one else has attempted the feat.

By the sixth lap, her feet went numb and her calves ached from the odd step. On breaks she propped her foot up to stretch.

"Ooh, ah, that feels better."

After her last record, the fastest one-mile run in leg irons, which she completed in 18 minutes and 34 seconds, she could barely walk for three days.

For this stunt, she added the padding of socks underneath the chains, which she ordered from discounthandcuffwarehouse.com, which offers 11 styles of leg irons ranging from $19.99 to $111.50.

With that one pair of socks separating her shin bone from the metal, Morrison walked more than 19,000 steps with every one stunted by the cinch of the chain.

"I sure am glad I don't have bloodhounds following behind me," she said. "They would win."

Jerking along, Morrison completed her record in two hours and 22 minutes, by the end her feet went numb and her ankles went raw.

"The last two laps were absolute torture," she said.


Cindini's Leg Iron Olympic Records include:

* 1 Mile:  18 min. 34 seconds

* 5 mile walk/jog :   2 Hour  22 Min.

* Standing Long Jump: Furthest: 6 feet 2 1/2 inches

* Sprint, 100 yards, Fastest: 57.81 seconds


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