Great Cindini escapes 'jail' LARRY ELL Staff Writer The Daily Commercial
MOUNT DORA August 3rd, 2009 -- The Andy Griffith Show gave us a shining example of a small town sheriff,
but it gave small town jails a bad name. With the key hanging between the two cells,
escaping didn't require the skills of Houdini. However, not all local lock-ups are a pushover.
This Saturday, it took the considerable skills of another premier escape artist to bust out of the old Mount Dora jail. Cindy Morrison,
also know as the Great Cindini, helped bring attention to the jail's restoration efforts by again proving
she's one slippery character."Each jail has a different design, a different approach
and a different structure," Cindini said. "But an escape is an escape." Like previously celebrated escapes from Sing Sing and Shawshank Prison,
she again defied efforts to keep her under lock and key. She was placed in a straight jacket,
manacled and placed inside the last remaining cell at the Old Jail inside the Mount Dora Historical Society. Fifteen minutes later,
she was a free woman -- which was about five minutes longer than she anticipated.
"It was extremely difficult to reach the lock because the doors are designed that way. So I have a big honkin' bruise on the inside of my right arm
because of it. But, of course, it was well worth it." Especially to local preservationists, who are looking to rebuild three of the
jail's original concrete cells that were removed by a previous Historical Society president. Current president Andrew Mullen
said about $250 dollars was raised by Saturday's event. That money will go towards the
$8,000 price tag for the project. "We want to rebuild and restore some of the history of Mount Dora," Mullen said.
"When people see there's only one cell left, they're kind of dismayed that they've come a long way to see the old jail.
We'd like to return it to the way it was when it was a fully functioning jail." That time may have come and gone, but the interest hasn't.
Tourists, as well as history buffs, are often drawn to attractions that offer a rare glimpse into a seldom seen part of our past.
"I'm fascinated with breathing life back into historic confinement and it's exhilarating for me," said Cindini. "It's all part of American history and
it's important to have future generations see the struggle that America has been through in its development. And the criminal justice system has played a great part in it."

Jim Burroughs - "I was there to witness this. It was quite a fun
and dramatic event. A once in a lifetime opportunity!"


made her way to the
Punta Gorda Calaboose in Florida on July 20th, 2009.
There she was locked and secured inside the Jail Cell
by Safety Officer Rich Borchart. She eventually liberated herself on
this day from the Calaboose' confinements.
This Jail Cell is constructed of strap iron
and manufactured by the E.T. Barnum Co. during the year of 1888.
In its "day" the cell was mostly put to use for detaining
town Drunkards.


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