Spring of 2010 Cindini travels to the confinement venues of  great American warriors of the past.  First stop Fort Pickens Florida the place of Imprisonment for "GERONIMO" the Native American Apache Indian noted for his Outstanding Bravery on numerous occasions in United States history.

BELOW: Geronimo himself. The 2nd Photo is of Cindini standing within Geronimo's confinements at Fort Pickens, Florida.

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                                   USS DRUM SUBMARINE

Cindini examines the USS DRUM WWII Submarine. Due to very limited space on this War ship incarceration took place in the Pump Room which acted as a BRIG. The hatch did not have a hasp or lock originally so the person who manned the Wheel (24/7) would stomp the hatch down if the prisoner attempted to exit the cramped quarters below. Pictured below is Submarine Veteran Tom Bowser with his foot on the hatch. In the photo below him is Cindini shown in the cramped BRIG / Pump room of the USS DRUM. 

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                             FORT MORGAN ALABAMA

          After its completion in 1837  Fort Morgan was briefly used as a staging area for Creek Indians who were being removed to Indian Territory. They were kept OUTSIDE the Fort wall. The Peninsula is 22 miles in length. The rough terrain of Florida scrub, Swamps including poisonous Snakes and Alligators along with hot white sandy beaches for miles detered the Creeks from seeking freedom and staying in the near area. Imprisonment without Walls so to speak that I found rather interesting with a twist on confinement itself.   The photo below shows Cindini outside Fort Morgan's walls and the vast "nothingness" that the Creek Indians existsed in for their stay.


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